The PowerX Story:


The business was founded in 2001 with the principal of helping our hydraulic customers find high quality, engineered components for their hydraulic systems at an affordable price.  As our customer’s needs evolved, we became the “go to” supplier for complete, mission critical hydraulic pumps, cylinders and tools.  Many of our customers are leaders in their industry and count on us to supply them products that are durable, reliable and can meet their most stringent quality requirements that they private label.


In January 2017, the company was re-named PowerX International LLC and looked to extend its value proposition directly to the end consumer.  Hiring industry experts in sales, application and design engineering and operations onto the team, the PowerX product line of high force pumps, cylinders and tools was launched.  Today, we serve multiple industries (mining, construction, agriculture, industrial, oil & gas, transportation) across the globe.  Customers count on us to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price.


At PowerX International LLC, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first, developing strong relationships with our customers and channel partners, performing outstanding customer service and delivering the highest quality products.  Give us a call and experience the PowerX Difference!

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