PowerX products and systems serve a variety of applications in the transportation industry including rail, shipbuilding, and automotive.


PowerX welded cylinders and air over hydraulic pumps are a great solution for the automotive lifts industry. Additionally, our high-pressure cylinders have a threaded base and rod ends that can easily accommodate various attachments that are utilized in collision repair.  Our hand pumps, spreaders and accessories complement these, allowing PowerX to offer a complete solution.


If you are an OEM in need of cylinders for your maintenance of way equipment or other road way machinery for the railway industry, our engineering team is ready to design the right mobile cylinders for your application. Additionally, PowerX high-pressure pumps, cylinders and jacks and are great solutions for maintenance and repair of railway equipment.


From holding to pulling workpieces together, PowerX products successfully assist in vessel hull fabrication and assembly. Our cylinders and pumps are a great solution for rigging, positioning and leveling condensers, boilers, and heat exchangers during the outfitting of a vessel.

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