PowerX delivers innovative solutions and quality products for commercial and residential construction applications. Our designs make construction tasks safer and easier to perform.


Whether the need is bridge building, maintenance or repair, PowerX products are designed for heavy lifting of bridge transition spans and specialized elements, as well as, positioning of vehicle bridges, ramps or concrete forms and for cable tensioning.

Foundation Repair

PowerX cylinders and pumps are utilized in maintaining equipment performing residential foundation rehab jobs that perform pile and pier driving, as well as lifting and positioning of structures quickly and safely.

Buildings and Stadiums

PowerX products can be utilized in formwork and roof positioning, in pile testing and geo-technical remediation of commercial buildings and stadiums.

Cement Manufacturing Plants

PowerX pumps, cylinders, and accessories offer solutions for in-plant maintenance where heavy lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, and holding in position are required for cement and aggregates manufacturing operations.

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