Mining environments demand robust products, safe and reliable systems.  PowerX hydraulic pumps, cylinders, tools and accessories successfully assist many processes in mining and quarrying in-plant operations, on-site heavy equipment maintenance and in applications that require lifting, pushing, holding and more.


PowerX products are a great solution whenever an electric rope shovel or excavator needs to be undecked for undercarriage maintenance or when track service is required. Cable tensioning and upper rail maintenance of a dragline, or lifting hauler trucks, are just some of the many more applications where PowerX products are well suited to serve.


PowerX products are made of high quality steel and aluminum with premium seals designed to withstand the difficult and demanding mining environments. Our products are utilized in maintenance of underground loaders and rail cars, in set up and maintenance of roof supports, maintenance of wall mining equipment, and many other applications.


Electric motor, gear box and bearing maintenance are some of the common applications served by  PowerX.  Lifting, motor and gear alignment are some of the more common applications where PowerX can provide maintenance solutions to conveyor systems, crushers, and mills.

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