New Product Offerings

At PowerX International, we are always working to better meet the needs of our customers. As part of our continual effort to satisfy our customers, we have expanded our product offering. This post will highlight the new products that we have recently added to our catalog.

Ultra High Pressure Hand Pumps

Our new line of ultra high pressure hand pumps, which includes the light-weight aluminum bodied P61L-40K and P61L-15K pumps, as well as the rugged P122-22K pump, provide our customers with the ability to apply pressures above 10,000 psi for jobs that require extra pressure. In addition to our new ultra high pressure pumps, we have added ultra high pressure accessories to our catalog.

Hydraulic Puller Kits

Another great product that we have added to our catalog is the hydraulic puller kit. Our hydraulic puller kits come in 4 ton and 8 ton capacities. PowerX puller kits are perfect for pulling bearings, bushings, wheels, gears and pulleys. Our puller kits come with a self-contained hydraulic pump, which saves space and allows for easy mobility. Included in our blow molded carrying case are 2 and 3 jaw pullers, a cross head puller, bearing attachment and all associated hardware.

Portable Power Kits

PowerX portable power kits come in 4 ton and 10 ton capacities. Our portable power kits are forged for rigidity and durability. Each portable power kit comes in a blow molded carry case to help with mobility, and comes in a snap together design for fast and easy assembly and disassembly.

Hydraulic Spreaders

Our PowerX hydraulic spreaders come in 15 ton and 25 ton capacities. Our compact design allows for use in low clearance applications. PowerX hydraulic spreaders have a light-weight design to assist in portability, and they are manufactured with high quality hardened steel.

Nut Splitters

PowerX nut splitters are available in 10, 15 and 20 ton capacities. Our nut splitters come in a compact design, which allows for use in confined spaces. All PowerX nut splitters feature a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder. When you purchase a PowerX nut splitter, you also receive a spare chisel, a spare set screw and the wrench used to secure the chisel.

System Components

We also, now, carry system components to help you monitor flow during lifting applications. Check out our manifold valves and needle valves in our catalog, and now available for purchase on our website.

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