Modular Bellows


Our cylindrical bellows are ideal for protecting rods, screws, shafts and any mechanical device without limiting the movement. Our product is modular and composed of three main elements: the bellows, the collar and the joint. The collars and joints are assembled with the bellows by simply interlocking the ends.

All standard bellows are stocked at our Wisconsin facility and can ship same day in the Continental United States.

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Build your Bellows

Bellows: Extendable body

Joint: Required as a link between two or more bellows, to increase the overall length (see table below for the closed and open lengths).

Collar: Each collar has a pilot hole. Just drill the collar with the required diameter (we suggest .05” – .08” less than the flange, to obtain a perfect adherence).

Plastic Disc: Required to support the weight in case of several bellows linked together and assembled horizontally, it fits in the interior of the joint, it’s not necessary with one or two bellows.

Filter: To ensure clean air inside the bellows.

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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm


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